Ideas for Efficient Living


I started Smallutions after being inspired by countless examples of individuals living simple, small scale, light impact, and efficient lifestyles.

As a carpenter I am often asked, “what type of carpentry do you do?”  Well, the short answer is I have been fortunate to have worked in a variety of genres.  Often the follow-up question is “what do you like to do?”  Now that’s a bit harder to nail down.  I have always enjoyed working on and building houses; this includes the opportunity to crew on several luxury homes from the ground up, and remodeling character houses, including my own house in Seattle.  Without a doubt, my recent enthusiasm has been around small spaces. Tiny houses and small dwellings; micro-apartments and compact workshops; shed office’s and backyard studios; patio gardens and urban farms – just to name a few.  So often these examples are energy efficient and resource-lite, and always innovative.

Increasingly I found myself helping my clients organize and realize the potential of their space. Because for many people, they have all the space they need; they are simply not using it efficiently.  That is where the idea for Smallutions began to develop.  Small dwellings, apartments, workshops, and yards are sitting patiently waiting to be developed to their full potential. I hope I can inspire and help you too.

James C Birkenbuel – Founder

Use the space you have, there is more of it than you think!

Repairing some dry rot on a 1972 Alaskan Camper, a birthday present for my wife.

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